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Stroke of Love Coloring Book for all Ages

"Strokes of Love Rosemaling Coloring Book and Much More" is now on Sale. 

The book has 36 pages of coloring fun or a book of patterns. Also included is beautiful colored pictures of rosemaled art and a sample patterns. Read about the history and types of Rosemaling within the book. The book has perorated pages so you can easily remove the pages, color them and frame.  You can use a variety of mediums to find your creativity side, try using colored pencils, watercolor pencils , or paint. 

The book is $20.00 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling, ($24) maybe more outside the United States. Get yours today and enjoy or share.

Rosemaled Cards to Send to Friends and Family
Blank Rosemaled Card for you to color are now on Sale. 

There are 8 cards in each packet. Two designs from the front and back of the "Strokes of Love Coloring Book and Much More"  Four from the front cover and four from the back cover. 

The pack is $10.00 this includes shipping and handling, maybe more outside of the United States. 

Packs that are in blue are $12.00 this includes shipping and handling, maybe more outside of the United States. 

Get yours today to enjoy or share the joy!
To have the scrolling stop, just run your mouse over the video and it will stop. 
Above pictures are from designs that came from the "Strokes of Love" coloring book on an 10’X7’ paper gift bags from a Dollar Store.

Materials I used:
- J S Titanium White and edged and floated the color using # 4 & 6 
-filbert brushes and Magic Mix

Then using #0 liner outline with white and flow medium and put embellishments on design.

Dry and give a coat of magic mix or Krylon 1311.                                 

It goes fast and great gifts! 

You can use any color!

Place the bag under page and transfer the design. It is a perfect fit!  

Fun for all ages!